Cutting-edge tools to build resiliency. 


Virtual Peaker is a low-cost, scalable, real-time control system in the cloud. 

We streamline demand-side resource (DR) management for utilities and make high-touch customer engagement a breeze.


Bring Your Own



Virtual Peaker support BYO-anything. We support any multiple device types, and can integrate with a new manufacturer in two weeks or less. This gives our partners the ability to run their programs with no limitations. We streamline enrollment for water heaters, home battery systems, EV chargers, and of course, thermostats. But more importantly, we put all these Internet-of-Things devices into one convenient platform.


Energy Arbitrage

Virtual Peaker can dispatch resources based on any number of signals, including price. As battery systems and clustered smart devices become more ubiquitous, we can optimize dispatch to ensure not only operational effectiveness but create new revenue streams as well.

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Easy to Use

Our utility interface is simple and easy to use. Getting customer data, integrating with your systems and calling events are all done using a simple website that can be accessed securely from anywhere. Our focus on the user experience applies to our customer interface as well, ensuring that your customers remain engaged.


Security. From the foundation.

  • Insert language around security features and architecture?

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