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At Virtual Peaker, we're saving the world by helping to usher in the more rapid growth of renewable energy. Renewable energy is going to save the world, but it also makes the electric utility’s job of balancing the grid much harder. Virtual Peaker helps utilities balance the grid using the internet of things devices homeowners are already buying.

At Virtual Peaker, there are two key components of our company identity: Firstly, we have strong opinions held loosely. Secondly, we are biased toward action. With that in mind, we are looking for candidates that exhibit the following:

  • Appreciation and respect for diversity of thought and culture.

  • Willingness to defend your opinion using facts and reason and change your mind when presented with a compelling counter argument.

  • Ability to work independently and a desire to take responsibility for your own success.

  • Ability to work successfully on a team.

  • Be an all around nice person (no assholes allowed).

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Open Positions

Client Success Manager

The Client Success Manager will be responsible for making our utility clients successful with the Virtual Peaker Platform. Utilities are successful when they can control a large amount of residential demand, and through this control, they engage their customers, reduce their operational expense, and find new business models. This requires them to get many devices connected to Virtual Peaker through a bring-your-own program or through central rollout.

The Client Success Manager will have the following duties:

  • Be the primary post-sale point of contact for the utility.
  • Help utilities plan a marketing strategy that engages a utility's residential customers using email, direct mail, and social media.
  • Coordinate the rollout of a centrally managed program.
  • Oversee utility customer support.

This role is based in Louisville and not remote.

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