The Utility of The Future is in Rural Kentucky

“Everyone would like for the glory days [of utilities] to continue, but they're over.”

- William "Billy" Ray, CEO Glasgow Electric Plant Board


The World's Most Advanced Distributed Energy Platform


The Smartest Way to Manage and Unify Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)


Your Virtual Power Plant

We run a real-time control system in the cloud, using smart devices to make small, unnoticeable adjustments to help everyone save energy and money. We help peak shave, manage intermittency problems generated by new energy sources, and provide easy-to-use software tools that optimize and modernize the grid.


Connect, Engage, and Empower

We know the homeowner has the last word. That's why we work tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the homeowner experience is tailored to empower residential customers to understand energy usage, both within their own home and their community. Our platform easily schedules demand-response events that meet a utility’s operational needs but never impact customer comfort. We also create a custom experience for each homeowner, driving engagement and increasing their energy savviness.


Intelligent Resiliency

Our software takes the “whole home” trend to the next level. We connect and integrate devices from a host of manufacturers and put real-time data at your fingertips. Transparency and information will drive the evolution of our current energy system, and Virtual Peaker is here to make the transition easy, affordable, and device-agnostic.


Our Clients

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Unparalleled customer service

Ask any of our clients and they’ll tell you - we’re not like our competitors. We’re responsive, friendly, and unbelievably helpful. If you need assistance, we commit to responding to it - and fast. We know our clients’ input is the best way to make our company better, so our team is always ready to hear what’s on your mind.


Our Partners


Devices your customers actually use.

Virtual Peaker helps utilities build resiliency through providing a platform that can easily integrate with leading device manufacturers and with existing utility systems. We know the future will change, and our patented approach keeps programs flexible and adaptable.

See something missing? We commit to adding the devices our clients request in two weeks or less.