Engaging Homeowners

All Your Devices in One Place

Thermostat app here, solar panel app there, and one more for your new Electric Vehicle… We know homeowners care about monitoring their energy consumption, but there is often too much information, and even worse, it’s in a million different places. Virtual Peaker’s homeowner app solves this problem. We connect to the most common residential device manufacturers and help pull all IoT devices into one easy-to-use app.

Energy Savvy, Energy Savings

We know the more homeowners know about your energy consumption patterns, the more they can save money. Virtual Peaker’s homeowner app displays all the key information about IoT devices, the cost of energy, and the price rates so that customers can make better, more informed decisions about how and when to cut consumption. We also pull in data and notifications from utilities so customers can easily stay in the loop about demand-response events happening in the home.