Meet the Needs of Your Evolving Grid

As your infrastructure continues to face new challenges, we can not only manage those challenges but help turn them into growth areas for your business. By facilitating more robust demand response programs, balance the grid more effectively with new, intermittent power sources and drive higher profitability with energy arbitrage, we can position your utility to not only deal with energy challenges, but crush them.


Control Demand at the Device Level

Virtual Peaker proves the most advanced demand response platform on the market. By integrating with an unlimited number and variety of smart devices, we can manage demand response events at the device level, rather than in aggregate. This allows for more precise peak shaving and minimal disruption to the homeowner.


Energy Arbitrage

Through a combination of machine learning and real-time control, we are able to arbitrage between locational marginal pricing (LMP) and regulated retail rates, reducing load or dispatching batteries during peak times and doing the opposite during low-cost times. These savings can not only help flatten the load curve but reduce energy costs to utilities and homeowners.


Manage Intermittency

As load balancing becomes more challenging due to the advent of intermittent sources, we create more nobs to turn to help optimize the grid and manage the challenges with putting more renewables into the system.