For Municipal Utilities


Support the Transition

Over 400 mayors throughout the US are taking the lead on climate and the energy transition. As municipal utilities begin to operationalize solutions to these lofty goals, Virtual Peaker can support the implementation of new and innovative solutions that support the transition to renewable energy.

Smarter Homes / Smarter Cities

Homes are getting smarter. Cities are getting smarter. How can this intelligence be leveraged to provide the lowest-cost, cleanest energy to across the country? Virtual Peaker’s platform is designed to harness the value of that intelligence and use it to drive true operational value.


Transparency and Accountability

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum - cities must utilize solutions that ensure robust transparency and accountability throughout their process. Virtual Peaker provides full transparency around it’s data, methodology, and pricing, ensuring that cities understand exactly where their dollars are going and what value they are generating.

Build on the Public Trust

Municipal governments are built on trust, and their utilities must be an extension of that trust. As the thirst for knowledge increases, municipal utilities have an enormous opportunity to help their citizenry better utilize and understand their energy. Virtual Peaker helps forge those relationships and deepen them over time.