Save Energy. Save Money. 

Virtual Peaker is designed to save the homeowner money with minimal disruption. Not only do we provide a great a great user experience through our website, communications and mobile application, but we always ensue that the homeowner is in control through data transparency and the ability to opt out of demand response events.

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At Virtual Peaker, we know that the homeowner has the last word. That's why we work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the homeowner experience is tailored to them. One of our most critical features is the easy with which homeowners can Opt Out of demand response events. Our platform can easily schedule both the events and the alerts to ensure the homeowner has ample time to plan or react.

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Get the Full Energy Picture

Our interface allows homeowners to get a full understanding of their devices and energy usage. This helps the homeowner not only help save themselves money, but helps utilites convey the true benefits of any energy management program to the homeowner.

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Bring your own Device

We support any number of device enrollment programs, including bring your own device (BYOD). Homeowners can log directly into their utility-branded web application, enroll their device, sign up for incentives and much more.