For Rural Electric Coops

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Manage a More Complex Grid

As renewables and distributed energy become more widespread in renewable areas, coops must be able to manage those resources to maximize member value. Virtual Peaker provides a robust Demand Side Management solution that helps find new ways to match member demand with increasingly intermittent sources of supply.

Do More With Less

We know your member dollars are precious. That’s why we are focused on delivering a solution that is based not only on value but on customizing to the needs of your members.


Expand Your Reach

Rural electric coops must find ways to deepen their relationships with their customers. Virtual Peaker provides solutions to help coops discover new ways of deepening those relationships through device control, cost savings, and greater energy efficacy.

Build on Legacy Technology

DLC programs on both water heaters and AC units remain out in the world despite the rapid change in technology. Virtual Peaker can help restore value from those programs by adding modern features like messaging, event opt-outs, and baselining.